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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Best cake cases in the world...

Here at Love Rouge, we get through approximately 2,500 cupcakes a week, that's a ton of cases. We offer 15 flavours most days, this can depend if someone forgets to make a particular flavour or we run out of ingredients...this happens more than I would like BUT IT'S JUST SO HARD TO REMEMBER STUFF!!!!

When we first started i'm not ashamed to say but our cupcakes were tiny, if any of you out there know me I like to make my cakes big and bold, the new brownie chocolate cake is currently reaching the dizzy heights on 6 going on 7 inches much to B's dismay.

The cases we used we small and showed up grease like no-bodys business, for a while we experimented with colours...hey it was 2011 and everyone was doing it.

Then I found my soulmate of the cake case world. Some search for years and never find their one true case, I was lucky, i'm not sure how we found each other but all I know is Love Rouge cupcakes were never the same again. I saw them sitting there in their shiny plastic box all 100 of them crisp and new and it was noted that they were flaunting their "grease proof" claim for all to see...the little floozies. They are by no means the cheapest, but sometimes you've got to pay a little extra for the good things in life.

The new Love Rouge cakes were born, they were big, they were bold and as the packet thrust in my face...they were greaseproof!!!!

Behold Lakelands muffin cases...

If I could work out how to insert a picture I would but this link will tell you all you need to know. Ignore the other cases all brightly coloured and foil coated, these badgers are the ones.

So go forth, bake and be merry, but if you just can't be bothered we will always have cake...unless it's like 9am on the dot...i'm always a little late.