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Thursday, 16 April 2015

All that glitters


 All that glitters...

We were given the challenge to create a 3 tier wedding cake that was covered in edible gold sequins and deliver it to London. Sounds simple you may think, but those that know the cake decorating world will understand the painstaking time consuming process of creating such a cake. We thought we would share this process with you and if you have a spare day and a half then you might even want to give it a go.
Although the process is long the results are very affective so its definitely worth doing.

Heres our finished product.

And here is how to create those amazing sequins.

Here is what you will need:

1.) Squires Kitchen Metallic Lustre Dust 
2.) Squires Kitchen Leaf Gelatine
5.) 5 acetate sheets
3.) Scissors
4.) Heat proof bowl
 5.) Jug of cold water
6.) Edible glue
7.) Two fine paint brushes

Step 1.) Mix 3 tbsp of water with 2tsp of lustre dust in a heat proof bowl
Step 2.) Cut 4 gelatine leaves into strips to fit the bowl then add them to the lustre dust mixture
Step 3.) Place the bowl on top of a saucepan of boiling water. Ensuring the bowl does not touch the water.
Step 4.)Gently stir until the gelatine has dissolved into the gold water.
Step 5.) While the mixture is hot carefully pour the gold onto acetate sheets and spread the mixture evenly.

Step 6.) Once you have used all the mixture leave over night until the mixture has set.
Step 7.) Once the mixture has completely set the gold sheets should just peel off the acetate easily.
Step 8.) Using a singular hole punch start punching out your sequins into a bowl.

Step 9.) You can now start applying the sequins to your cake. These sequins are really only to be used on sugarpaste covered cakes. To apply the sequins use a small amount of edible glue on a fine paint brush and lift the sequin from the bowl and using a another clean paint brush gently place the sequin onto the cake.
Step 10.) Repeat step 9 at least 100+ times!
And eventually you will create something like this!

Once you have done this it really is easy to master.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Behind the scenes


Behind the Scenes

We thought it was about time that we opened our doors to the goings on in our bakery. You will see where and how your delicious cakes are made with videos and pictures of our team in action! Unfortunately our team are a bit shy today but here is taster of what life is like in our bakery with lots more to come. Welcome to Love Rouge BAKERY.

We will hopefully get some videos on here showing you techniques on icing and how to make your favourite Love Rouge Bakery treats. Enjoy!